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Every company has a limited budget. CoolUtils offers a staggering selection of 55 different utilities for only $99. They enable users to perform virtually every conceivable task. What's more, by purchasing in one bundled package you save more than $500 by paying a very low fee. If you use at least 3 programs from the list - you save. Specially for those who don't want to waste time searching for another utility and overpay for software.

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Only $99  for 55 products!

But what's in it for YOU? CoolUtils Pro Suite includes 6 groups of different tools.

File Management

filemanagement File and folder management doesn't need to be hard work. Using applications that are all included with the CoolUtils Pro Suite it is possible to rename lists of files in one simple step by any template, have an in depth look of exactly how much room you use on your hard drive, monitor and manage the programs that run when you start Windows.

TIFF & PDF tools

tiff-pdfA most comprehensive set of programs to split, combine, rotate, resize multipage Tiff and PDF files. If you deal with invoices or other documents in TIFF or PDF formats, CoolUtils tools will automate the process for you.
A separate Tiff&Pdf Suite is available

If You Love Music

music CoolUtils offers applications to convert audio from and to many popular formats (MP3, AAC, MP4, WAV, WMA, OGG, FLAC, etc.) Once you've converted it you can also use CoolUtils applications to burn CDs and manage your collection.

Movies And Pictures

imageconverter Home movie collections can be stored, managed, and burned to DVD using various handy tools. Digital images can also be thoroughly edited in order to create a unique and masterful slide show or they can be quickly and effortlessly saved to disk for later use.


Today we deal with hundreds of files in different formats. CoolUtils Converters are at your hand to convert any file formats. PDF, HTML, XLS, DOC, TXT, CAD are just the tip of the iceberg. CoolUtils converters are known for built-in wizards to help beginners make all the settings.


tableCoolUtils is proud of PrintMaestro - a tool to produce all kinds of reports. It will print and export the content of your directories to PDF or HTML files. I.e. it easily creates version info reports (Company Name, Version Info, Copyright, Product version).

Buying all 55 products in a suite is a convenient, quick, and affordable way to do everything you need and want to do on your computer saving over $500. Please, peep in our blog if you want to know how exactly you can benefit by all those tools.

Note that Total CAD Converter, Total GIS Converter, Total Vectorize, Total PDF to DXF Converter, Total Mail Converter Pro, Total Outlook Converter Pro, Tota Thunderbird Converter Pro, PDF Combine Pro, Tiff Splitter Pro and the X versions of the programs (those that run on web servers) are not included into the bundle.

support policySupport and Upgrades.
Read our support policy to find out support or upgrades options for CoolUtils tools. New registered users get 1 year of software maintenance for free. Paid upgrades are optional. If you keep using your version no other fees apply.

Buy NOW!
Only $99   (you save up to $500)

The full list of products in CoolUtils Pro Suite:


Frigate3 is a handy file manager with built-in file viewers (DBF, RTF, HTML, DOC, Excel), handy utilities (TreeNotes, StartUp Manager, Calculator, SmartPad, and Directory Size Manager) and a wealth of other options that make managing and browsing through files easy.
Download   read more

Total Audio Converter

Total Audio Converter is an ideal audio file converter for everyone having large collections of music files. Supports MP3, WAV, RA and other popular audio file formats  Download   read more

Total Image Converter

Image Converter: convert JPG, GIF, BMP, PCX, PNG, TIFF, RAW file formats  Download   read more

Total Movie Converter

Use Total Movie Converter to convert AVI, MPG, WMV, MPEG, VOB, IVF, DIVX, MPE,M1V, M2V, mpeg4, ASF MOV, FLI, FLC in batches  Download   read more

Total HTML Converter

Total HTML Converter is a versatile HTML file converter for everyone. Support convert HTML to Doc, PDF, Excel, JPEG, Text  Download   read more

Total PDF Converter

Total PDF Converter: The Ideal PDF File Format Converter for converting PDF to Doc, Excel, HTML, Text or images.  Download   read more

Print Maestro

Print Maestro is an advanced Print Directory tool that allows you to print your folders with or without their content, file lists, and file attributes.  Download   read more

Total Outlook Express Converter Pro

Convert Outlook Exress emails with attachments to PDF, DOC, TIFF, HTML, EML.   Download   read more

Total PDF Printer Pro

Print DOC, PDF, XLS, TIFF files in one go.   Download   read more

Total XML Converter

XML to JSON, XML, CSV, PDF via GUI or command line.   Download   read more

OST to PST Converter

Convert OST to PST.   Download   read more

Total Webmail Converter

Software to convert emails from Gmail, Yahoo and other services.   Download   read more

Total Thunderbird Converter

Convert Thunderbird emails to PDF, TXT, TIFF, DOC, HTML. Emails are converted in batch saving your time and effort. Download your trial copy now for free to learn all the advantages.   Download   read more

Total Video Joiner

Join video files into one fast with Total Video Joiner   Download   read more

Total iPod Converter

Convert any video to your iPod, iPhone, iPad.   Download   read more

Total GIS View Server

Total GIS View Server is a reliable full featured GIS viewer   Download   read more

Total PDF Converter OCR

Convert scanned PDF into editable Word, XLS, HTML, TXT   Download   read more

Total CSV Converter

Total CSV Converter is a reliable tool to convert CSV to DOC, PDF, HTML, TXT, XLS, DBF, XML in batch. You can select CSV data to convert and skip rows that you don't need. Convert CSV files via command line as well.   Download   read more

Total Outlook Express Converter

Convert Outlook Express emails to PDF, TXT, TIFF, DOC, HTML. The converter works with both Outlook and Outlook Express. Emails are converted in batch saving your time and effort. Download your trial copy now for free to learn all the advantages.   Download   read more

Total Outlook Converter

Convert Outlook emails to PDF, TXT, TIFF, DOC, HTML. The converter works with both Outlook. Emails are converted in batch saving your time and effort. Download your trial copy now for free to learn all the advantages.   Download   read more

Total Resource Changer

Change The Program Resource From The Command Line   Download   read more

Total Doc Organizer

Total Doc Organizer searches your pc for the right document. Fast.   Download   read more

Total CAD Printer

CAD Printer prints CAD files in batches via user-friendly GUI or command line.   Download   read more

Tiff Pdf Cleaner

Detect and delete blank pages in scanned tiff and pdf files in batch.   Download   read more

Total Folder Monitor

Watch your folders and execute your action   Download   read more

Total Audio Tags

View, add, delete or and edit audio tags with user-friendly Total Tag Editor.   Download   read more

Total PDF Printer

PDF Printer prints PDF files in batches via user-friendly GUI or command line.   Download   read more

Total Mail Converter

Convert Emails (MSG, EML) to HTM, TXT, PDF, RTF in batch via GUI or command line.   Download   read more

Total Image Slicer

The tool you need to slice, merge & convert your images. Extremely easy-to-use   Download   read more

iPod AudioBook

iPod AudioBook converts all audio formats to iPod, a must-have for iPod owners   Download   read more

Total Excel Converter

Convert Excel to Doc, Image and Text easily   Download   read more

Total Doc Converter

Convert Doc or RTF to PDF, HTML, XLS, Image and Text easily   Download   read more

PDF Splitter

Split your PDF file by pages easily   Download   read more

PDF Combine

Merge PDF by any template via GUI and command line.   Download   read more

EXIF Viewer

View and edit EXIF info of your photos   Download   read more

Image Box

Creates a slide show of your photos, images and music   Download   read more

Visual Renamer

An advanced file renamer with visual interface. It helps you to rename groups of files with few clicks only, and the renaming process is completely visualized. Have fun renaming files!   Download   read more


Use this handy tool to write your data on CD and DVD. CD and DVD burning has never been easier   Download   read more


Convert images of any type (bmp, gif, jpeg etc.) to ico.   Download   read more

Tiff Paging

Tiff Paging: whatever you do with tiff files   Download   read more

Tiff Splitter

Split your tiff file by pages easily   Download   read more

Tiff Combine

Concatenate your tiff file by pages easily   Download   read more

Tiff Teller

New TiffTeller will return the page count of PDF and Tiff files   Download   read more

Space Searcher

Find out how much garbage you store on HDD and save money on the next upgrade!   Download   read more

Multi Renamer

A new file renamer for huge groups of files. Exports to HTML, PDF and Rich Text Format   Download   read more

Total Image Watermark

Image Watermark is a professional yet easy tool to apply logo or text to images   Download   read more

PDF Encrypter

Encrypt your PDF documents easily   Download   read more

Photo Printer

Print your photos whenever, however!   Download   read more


IsEqual will satisfy all your file compare and file merge tasks   Download   read more

Copy Audio CD

Convert your CD collection into MP3 one   Download   read more

Easy DVD Copy

Make copies of your DVDs easily   Download   read more


SecureWallet saves all your passwords securely in an encrypted file so that you never forget any password again. The encryption is done by strong encryption algorithm   Download   read more


SendMail is a versatile program for send files by EMail on timer   Download   read more


A new utility with most popular features of Excel but for less money   Download   read more

List Renamer

The unique utility for those who is bored to death by renaming lists of files.   Download   read more

Buy NOW!
Only $99   (you save up to $500)

CoolUtils Suite

Fond of taking pictures?
Find out how CoolUtils Pro Bundle provides advanced opportunities for digital camera owners!


  1. All CoolUtils programs have similar interaface. Once you know how to handle one of them, you know them all. You don't waste time to search for another tool in the web.

  2. We are developers, not resellers. We guarantee the quality of our programs and are open to customizations specially for you.

  3. In case you lose your copy, come to our site and download a new one for free. The key is also sent for free per your request.

  4. Once paid you get all the upgrades for 1 year for free.

  5. Prior tech support is also free for registered users.


Upgrade to CoolUtils Bundle after the purchase of another tool

"I bought Total Audio Converter just hours ago. Now I see the offer on CoolUtils Pro, which includes Total Audio Converter. Can I get a $19.90 discount on the offer, since I just bought it?"
Yes, you can upgrade to CoolUtils Pro bundle after the purchase of one of our tools. You pay just the difference! To get that special purchase link, contact our support team.

I will buy a new computer and will have to re-download everything. Will this be a problem?

No. You just go to our site and download the programs you need (hit Download button). This will be a trial version. You can turn it to normal registered version entering the key. You get the key after the purchase. In case you lose the key contact our support service. They will resend you your key again. You are welcome!

How many machines can I put these applications on?
One registered copy of CoolUtils software may be installed by a single person who uses the software personally on one or 2 computers (for example, on pc and a laptop).

I don't want to downlaod all the tools separately. Give me one download link!
No problem. Download the whole CoolUtils Pro Suite here.

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