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How To Burn Audio CDs Using CDuke

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Suppose you are a fan of good music and have a huge collection of your favorite audio CDs. You play them over and over again at home, in the car or in the office, using the CD drive in your computer as a player. Your CDs wear out, get scratched, and finally fall to pieces, sometimes ruining your CD drive as well, as small parts of the destroyed disc mess up the sensitive mechanism.

To avoid these unpleasant consequences of CD ageing, it is smart to back them up while they are still new, and to convert them (without losing sound quality) into MP3 format to save disk space. Since you can do this every time the copied CDs get too old to be used further, your original CDs won't suffer much, and you will never have to pay for new ones. This is especially true because once created, MP3 files can be stored on your hard drive and used over and over again to burn more MP3 CDs.

With CDuke, the burning process is in just two stages. The first is where you rip your original CDs to create MP3 files; the second is the actual burning of new CDs using files created during the first stage.

To complete the ripping stage, simply select "CD-Rip Audio CD" in the menu, choose the folder to save destination MP3 files to, and click "Rip". CDuke supports FreeDB, so if the database has information about your original CD, the MP3 files will contain all the necessary MP3 tags.

To complete the burning stage, switch to the "Audio CD" mode (by clicking the "AudioCD" button), then click "Burn".

As with all CoolUtils software, CDuke requires no special skills to execute any CD or DVD burn operations. The interface is so intuitive and simple, you just say "Do it" and it's done! Other utilities offered by CoolUtils meet the same simplicity requirements, and at the same time they are flexible and capable of performing all sorts of sophisticated functions and operations on various types of files.

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   Updated Thu, 23 Oct 2014

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