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Convert PDF to DXF

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pdf to dxf converterConverting PDF to DXF allows to export the content of PDF files into editable format compatible with various CAD applications like AutoCAD and others. It is extremely important to make all data correctly converted into DXF with no loss of important graphic details. Total PDF to DXF Converter provides high-quality conversion of PDF files to one of the next formats: Х DXF Х HPGL Х CGM Х SVG

In case of converting files to DXF all you need is to set destination address for the future converted files. The order of conversion depends on your specific need. For instance, there are a few variants of using PDF to DXF convertor:

  1. Converting a single PDF file into DXF. To do this you need to check the source file in the file list. File list displays the content of the folder youТve opened. You can switch between folders in the left-side panel of the program window. After you select appropriate source file, click on СDXFТ icon in the СConvert toТ bar located at the top of the program window. In the opened window specify a destination folder and confirm the process of conversion by pressing СStart!Т bar. You will see a destination folder opened after conversion is complete.
  2. Converting a few PDF files into DXF at a time, or converting in batches. Total PDF to DXF Converter allows converting many files by one single command. For better convenience you can store all source files in one specific folder. To convert all files from this folder into DXF you need to select it as a source folder, and do the all the same from the previous variant.
  3. Conversion from the command line. Total PDF to DXF Converter can be enabled from the СRunЕТ feature of Windows СStartТ menu and used in the same manner as through its user interface.
Total PDF to DXF Converter has unlimited facilities for fast and reliable conversion of PDF files into various CAD formats. Buy it now and use its functionality for your own purposes!

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Buy Total PDF to DXF Converter NOW!
(only $129.90)
   Updated Thu, 13 Nov 2014

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