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Convert Scanned PDF Files (OCR)

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Given the abundance of scan-to-PDF software tools on the market and comparatively small number of character recognition software tools intended for rendering PDF files in editable formats, Optic Character Recognition software is highly demanded today. It should be noted that PDF documents are created in different fashions. PDF documents generated from electronic sources, such as, for instance, Word documents, contain elements that have been represented in the source document and therefore can be rendered back in the original and other extensions and edited. These elements include font information, character information, word placement data, etc., and they are actually saved in electronically designated PDF documents. Therefore, it does not take OCR software to edit these PDF files.

Scanned PDF documents are actually snapshots of original text documents, and none of the words they contain is electronically represented. For this reason, they cannot be converted to any editable format in the usual fashion. In order to edit text in a scanned PDF document, Optic Character Recognition (OCR) software must be applied. What OCR software does is extract textual elements from the scanned document and matches them to a character-based electronic file. That means that there must be a file to each of the elements.

How To Convert Scanned PDF?

Total PDF Converter OCR is our newly product featuring OCR software. With the help of this tool, you can not only manage electronically designated PDF files that have been converted from Word, RTF, etc. OCR software implemented in this new tool is apt to recognize scanned texts and render them in editable formats, which include Word, DOC, TXT, PTF, etc.

Total PDF Converter OCR has a user-friendly interface similar to that of Total PDF Converter. You do not have to perform any manual work to render a scanned PDF file in your required format. All you need to do is select the file to be converted and launch the operation. The integrated OCR software will do the entire job for you.

The whole thing is done in the same way as with Total PDF Converter. Select the folder with PDF files and specify the file or files you would like to convert. Then select the target format on the toolbar or from the Convert to menu. Follow the Wizard’s recommendations or make your own settings. To convert many files at once, use batch conversion mode. You can manage files from within other programs via command line or right from the desktop via the right-button popup menu.

Like all our products, Total PDF Converter OCR is a shareware. You can buy the registered version right now or use the trial version and use it for 30 days to see how it works.

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Buy Total PDF Converter OCR NOW!
(only $69.90)
   Updated Thu, 23 Oct 2014

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