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Convert MP3 to iPod: user-friendly solution

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iPod is one of the most popular audio players today. It gives us the freedom of listening to music on the go. Bit iPod is limited to few audio formats only. What if I want to listen to an audio book purchased somewhere NOT at iTunes Store? If I upload an audio book in MP3 format to iPod it is not recognized as an audio book but rather as a track. If I want to get my mp3 audio book to Audio Books section of iPod I have to convert it first to the format iPod supports.

The best way to convert MP3 to iPod is definitely iPod AudioBook from CoolUtils. It allows converting mp3 files to iPod in few clicks. You select the file (or files - iPod AudioBook support batch mode) and press Make AudioBook button. That's it. Sure you have to make all the settings like destination folder or the desired quality of the output file. The wizard of the program will help you do that. It guides you though the settings step by step and automatically suggests the best value if you are at a loss.

iPod AudioBook can convert part of an MP3 file. Just select the start and the end position. In few minutes you have an audio book ready to be uploaded to your iPod.

Apart from converting MP3 to iPod you may convert CDs to iPod! iPod AudioBook has a built-in CD ripper. It allows you ripping CD and converting audio files to iPod format at the same time. It's very convenient!

iPod AudioBook from CoolUtils is very user-friendly. It has a transparent interface and the Wizard to help you make the settings. iPod AudioBook is very affordable. One license costs $24.59 USD. All registered user get free upgrades including major ones and free prior tech support. No hidden fees!

To get your copy now hit Buy button. After you place an order you immediately get the registration key to unlock iPod AudioBook and convert your MP3 files to iPod.

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Buy iPod AudioBook NOW!
(only $24.50)
   Updated Thu, 23 Oct 2014

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