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File Renamers: Rename Multiple Files by CoolUtils

File Renamers by CoolUtils: Features and Benefits

Being able to rename multiple files according to a certain rule in a couple of mouse clicks within a handy, friendly Windows interface saves time and effort for Windows users who often have to deal with batch file renames. CoolUtils presents a collection of mass file renamers adjusted to fulfil different types of file rename tasks and working under the standard Windows environment.

Each file renamer offered by CoolUtils has its specifics and advantages, but the following is true for all:

  • they allow their users to rename multiple files quickly and easily;
  • they have a nice-looking and intuitive Windows interface, extremely friendly to users;
  • the file extension rename feature helps you handle file extensions when renaming huge groups of files;
  • they work under Windows 98, NT, 2000 and XP.

To find a file renamer that suits you best, check the products listed below.

File Rename Preview

Visual Renamer

An advanced file renamer with visual interface. It helps you to rename groups of files with few clicks only, and the renaming process is completely visualized. Have fun renaming files!

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(only $24.50)
Multi Renamer Preview

Multi Renamer

A new file renamer for huge groups of files. Exports to HTML, PDF and Rich Text Format

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(only $19.90)
List Renamer Preview

List Renamer

The unique utility for those who is bored to death by renaming lists of files.

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(only $19.90)
Total Audio Tags Preview

Total Audio Tags

View, add, delete or and edit audio tags with user-friendly Total Tag Editor.

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(only $19.90)

Articles and Tips

March 27 - Total Mail Converternow supports MIM files.

March 23 - New feature in Total Mail Converter: specific characters are not used in the renaming macros any longer.

March 12 - New feature: Total Outlook Converter now supports Outlook Calendar!

March 06 - Total SCV Converter now supports TSV files.

January 26 - Total PDF Printer Pro has been released. Print PDF, DOC, HTML, XLS, TIFF files in one go.

January 21 - PDF Splitter now can split PDF files by bar code via command line.

January 8 - Total CSV Converter now converts CSV to JSON.

January 5 - Total Outlook Converter Pro and Total Mail Converter Pro now support Visio & MS Project attachments.

January 4 - Total Outlook Converter now converts PST to DOC much better.

December 11 - New Total Audio Converter with an improved support of FLAC has been released.

December 10 - Total PDF Converter got new option of selecting compression when converting pdf to tiff.

December 1 - Total PDF Converter has got new shortcuts for signing and ecrypting PDFs.

November 27 - Total Doc Converter now can protect output PDF files from being copied or printed.

November 17 - Tiff Pdf Cleaner can add a part of the filename as a footer in the resulting PDF.

November 12 - Total PDF Converter can add custom headers and footers to PDF files.

October 27 - Total Mail Converter got an important update. Now it can conert MSG to EML with German characters properly.

October 24 - New Total Audio Converter convert GSM or XWM to MP3, WAV, FLAC, etc.

October 13 - New PCL Viewer has been released. View PCL files for free.

October 09 - Total Outlook Converter has a new Find PST option.

October 1 - Total Image Converter now supports Nikon's RAW .nrw photos.

September 29 - CoolUtils Mbox Viewer has been released. View any MBOX file for free!

September 12 - Total Image Converter has got the old short cut menu bar back.

September 5 - Total Outlook Converter can convert Outook to vCard.

July 14 - The major upgrade of Total Image Converter has been released. Change list.

July 2 - New Total Excel Converter now performs XLS/XLSX to SVG conversion.

June 20 - Total CAD Converter now provides several times faster conversion of CAD files in batch.

June 4 - New PDF Splitter can split PDF files by barcode

May 22 - New Total CSV Converter has become much faster, especially when it comes to CSV to XLS conversion.

May 19 - New Total Outlook Converter can identify and convert IMAP folders to DOC, PDF, HTML, etc.

May 12 - New Total Image Converter can sort images by advanced options (size, date, etc.)

May 5 - New PDF Splitter now can turn color PDF files into black&white.

April 25 - New Total Outlook Converter now can print out your emails.

April 10 - New Total Excel Converter now supports Microsoft Excel 2003 XML files.


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