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Convert GDF to JPEG

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gdf converter

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Total GIS Converter has pretty much revolutionized the whole segment of image file conversion. Particularly, it has revealed a new dimension to photographers and web-builders. The program has made it possible to pull off several hour's work within minutes. This is about the batch function, which enables users to check several hundred images in just one click of a button. Launching this process is also a matter of one click of a button.

It is a well known fact that GIS files are pretty hefty and therefore less convenient to work with than standard platform-independent image files. Now you can export GDF to JPEG any time and in large numbers. The program integrates into the OS, so you can convert images via the right-button popup menu. Command line option allows you to convert GDF to JPEG from within other utilities.

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How to Use This GDF Converter

This converter has a few more options, which facilitate handling. It features a handy wizard and has a robust step-by-step user interface.

  1. Launch Total GIS Converter and navigate the folder tree. Find the folder with GDF images and click on it. A list of GDF images will appear to the right of the folder tree. Tick one or a couple of files or press the 'Check All' button to tick the entire group. This is the batch function mentioned above.

  2. Select JPEG in the toolbar or access it via Convert menu. Follow the wizard's instructions. Here you can select destination folder, so you can find your images any time.

  3. Click 'Start' to convert.

Convert GDF to JPEG

This GDF JPEG Converter is a profound solution for many problems, which you must have been dealing with so far. It is available online. You can either download the free 30-day version or purchase it right now. License version is updated automatically. Registered users receive free technical support on a regular basis.

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Buy Total GIS Converter NOW!
(only $99.90)
   Updated Thu, 23 Oct 2014

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