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The information from the Internet is not always convenient for storing in HTML format. The reason is that editing such a file requires additional software that can process HTML files and good skills in HTML language, which is the problem for the vast majority of users. To manage without such difficulties you can convert HTML to RTF using simple program, called Total HTML Converter. And then information will be usable in any way you need.

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The incontestable advantage of RTF is that it is the standardized text format that is supported by all popular editors, including WordPad, Microsoft Word, AbiWord, TextEdit (for Mac OS X). Instead of usual TXT, RTF allows rich formatting that will give you facilities to make full-format documents.

Looking for a suitable HTML RTF converter, people usually do not want to spend much time on studying the program. All they need is to convert web pages within one click, quickly and easily. Total HTML Converter is powerful but simple software with user-friendly interface and various useful options.

The program is built so that if you just want to receive RTF file, all you need to do is to select the required HTML source file, specify the place where to save it and click OK. If you would like to set specific options for the future RTF file, like rendering only text information, setting the margins and paper size – all this can be easily made with the help of program Wizard. The program itself will give you a hint how to gain what you need.

If you need powerful but easy-to-use and laconic assistant for converting HTML files, Total HTML Converter ideally suits your needs. Its interface was carefully tested by non-professional users to make it ergonomic and friendly. That is why it is users' No1 choice in the area of HTML converters. Get it now for $49.90 only.

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Buy Total HTML Converter NOW!
(only $49.90)
   Updated Tue, 23 Apr 2013

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