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Everyday users deal with different e-documents, including PDF files. There are two options you have in how to print PDF docs. The first one is one-by-one printing with the help of standard printing software. In this case printing many files requires a lot of time. If you have a few printers with a few trays each, this can also be a problem.

The second option is doing the same with the help of special printing software like Total PDF Printer. If you choose this way, you will save time on printing, being able to print PDF in batch. How to do this? The whole procedure takes only a minute.

Batch printing is easier than you think. Just follow these steps:

  1. Open Total PDF Printer window and select your folder with PDF files. You can select several folders with subfolders too!
  2. Check off all PDF files you wish to print in batch. For your convenience the app can sort files by type, name, time and date, etc.
  3. Press Print button on the top left corner of the program window.
  4. Make required settings in the popped up wizard and press Start!

Depending on how quickly your printer does its job and how many pages are in the printing task, you will get all the documents in the stack of your printer in a few minutes.

Note that you can print PDF files via command line as well.

download Total PDF Printer

As you see, ability to print pdf in batch simplifies a long process up to a few quick steps. To use this advantage you just need to get Total PDF Printer. Download it and install it today!


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