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Easy DVD Copy: the Software to Burn Your Movies onto DVD

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Are you a fan of movies? Do you have a large collection of DVDs? Do your DVDs get scratched or broken? Do you feel the need to back them up from time to time to avoid the loss of one or two of your favourite movies?

To do that, you need a DVD burner (or two of them, which is better), an empty writable DVD disk and good, reliable software that will burn a new DVD for you quickly and make sure the movie is copied correctly and without any loss in quality.

For all the above-mentioned tasks, we can only offer you the software. Easy DVD Copy is one of the DVD burning solutions offered by CoolUtils, specialists in PC utilities.

The process

To backup the movie, all you need to do is put an original DVD into your DVD reader, and an empty disk into the DVD writer, then click the “Copy” button. If you only have one DVD drive, use it to read the original movie first. As soon as this stage is over, the software will prompt you to replace the source disk with the destination one. If the original movie is too long, and you only have 4Gb DVDs, the program will tell you to insert a second empty DVD into your driver. The software also supports 8Gb DVDs.

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Buy Easy DVD Copy NOW!
(only $24.50)
   Updated Thu, 23 Oct 2014

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