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Convert MOV to AVI and MPEG

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MOV (aka QuickTime) is a series of movie file formats and other formats developed by Apple Computer for using on Macs. QuickTime 7.1.1 can be used on Microsoft Windows, but all the previous versions of the format are Macintosh specific.

The .mov file itself is a multimedia container storing video, audio, text and other types of data in different tracks. QuickTime (MOV) is related to MPEG4 but has certain additional benefits (e.g., it works equally well with different stages of the video file's life, like capture, editing, archiving, distribution, and playback). But due to being Mac-specific, it's, of course, far less popular than MPEG or AVI, two widespread video file formats loved by file sharing communities. read more

Total Movie Converter offers a flexible and affordable solution for video fans who need to convert their MOV file collection into AVI or MPEG format (MPEG being either MPEG-1, MPEG-2 or MPEG-4). It supports all versions of the MOV format from QuickTime 1.x to QuickTime 7.x and provides numerous additional features like video stream properties control, audio stream properties control, batch conversion and command line support.

For a video stream, you can select desired values for the following parameters: codec, color system, frame rate, resolution. For an audio stream, compression, bit rate, sample rate and bit channels are under your complete control. At the same time, the program doesn't ask unnecessary questions, allowing you to convert your files with simply selecting them and clicking "Convert To".

Total Movie Converter supports conversions of practically all popular video formats to AVI, MPEG or WMV. For future versions of the product, it's planned to add more output file formats available, for the convenience of our users - and notice that you will be able to upgrade your Total Movie Converter for free once new and more sophisticated versions of our product are made available.

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   Updated Thu, 23 Apr 2015

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