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Convert OST to DOC

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If you are running MS Outlook together with MS Exchange Server, you will have an offline mailbox copy stored in OST file. It helps to work with emails even when you are offline and contains all messages from your Outlook account in encoded form. If you would like to make a readable copy of this storage, you should convert OST to DOC files using Total Outlook Converter. This utility supports various formats for conversion, such as DOC, PDF, TXT, JPEG, etc. DOC helps to save original formatting and allows editing the information if necessary.

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For converting emails from OST into DOC Total Outlook Converter offers a range of settings, such as:

Green PlusConversion mode (all emails to one file or each email to separate file)

Green PlusFile name template (for batch email conversion)

Green PlusFields (ability to select email fields for conversion)

Green PlusAttachments processing mode

Green PlusAppearance (ability to apply styles for future copies)

All these options are not compulsory; they just help to get the result you need in case of some special requirements. If you need to create the backup copy of your entire mailbox, you should set all-to-one conversion mode. In this case OST converter will export all selected source messages to one single DOC file. If you need to extract a few important emails for sharing, and they are some separate reports or news, then converting them separately make sense.

Convert OST to DOC

File name template helps to keep the DOC copies in correct order in case of batch conversion. Ability to convert specific fields makes it possible to exclude some non-important data like subject or CC from the future DOC copies. When exporting messages from Outlook OST to DOC, you can also extract attachments, saving them in original format or converting to DOC. For this you need Total Outlook Converter Pro.

Total Outlook Converter is a handy tool for restoring information from OST files or its backup copying. Download it here to try on your mailbox.

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Buy Total Outlook Converter NOW!
(only $49.90)
   Updated Mon, 30 Nov 2015

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