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Convert PDF To SVG In Batch

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PDF is one of the most popular format for sharing complex documents with text and graphics. Sometimes they contain technical documentation with drawings that canít be modified without converting to some CAD format. If you need to represent your PDF graphics in editable vector format, it is recommended to convert PDF to SVG using Total PDF to DXF Converter. It is very simple task, if you have this program on board.

Using it you can convert PDF files to DXF, SVG, HPGL or CGM format. A process of conversion to each of these formats is the same. There are no settings for such type of conversions, the program just exports PDF data to the selected format. Minimum of settings are provided to save userís time, you just can define a specific location for the future file copies and set the program to delete source files after conversion. This is batch SVG converter that is able to process any number of PDF docs at once.

pdf dxf converter

If you need to export many files to a new format, follow these steps:

  1. Create a separate folder with all PDF sources that need to be converted
  2. In the program specify this folder as a source for conversion
  3. Press SVG button in the format bar
  4. Choose a location for the future SVG copies
  5. Enable conversion process by pressing Start!

The time required for processing all the files depends on how many files are in the conversion batch. Usually it takes from a few seconds to a few minutes. When you convert PDF to SVG in batch, a program creates separate SVG file for each PDF source. The copies have the same names as originals. You can use this PDF SVG converter for exporting only one file as well.

Total PDF to DXF Converter is available here. Download your version now and try it out on your own files!

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Buy Total PDF to DXF Converter NOW!
(only $129.90)
   Updated Thu, 05 Mar 2015

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