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How to Convert PST to JPEG?

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PST stands for Personal Storage Table and represents an open file format used for storage of messages, calendars and other items. This format is mainly used by Microsoft applications like Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Exchange Client and Windows Messaging. This means that PST files can hardly be viewed with other programs; on top of that, PST documents take too much hard-drive space and can easily be accessed by third parties.

This is why many users prefer to make back-up copies of PST files in formats other than PST. One of the most popular formats that users choose to convert PST to is JPEG. This widespread image format can be viewed with virtually any application, it is safe and does not require lots of space.

The easiest way to convert PST to JPEG is use Total Outlook Converter, PST email converter developed by CoolUtils. This tool has been designed specifically for Microsoft applications and it integrates automatically with Microsoft Outlook to help you convert PST to JPEG in batch as quickly and as easy as possible.

PST to JPEG converter

All you need to do to convert hundreds of messages, letters and calendars is download the program, install it and choose the files you wish to convert. Of course, you also have to select the target format because JPEG is not the only format supported by Total Outlook Converter. This tool can also be used to process PST files into DOC, PDF, HTML, TXT, and TIFF. Once you are done with all the selection procedures, the converter will automatically process the files in only a few moments.

convert pst to jpeg

With Total Outlook Converter, you will be able to process not only PST files but also e-mail attachments. They will be saved in their original format in the folder that you will set as destination. You can use Total Outlook Converter Pro if you want to convert e-mail attachments to other formats.

To try CoolUtils PST JPEG converter, visit the official website of the developer and download the trial version. It is absolutely free for 1 month! Download it now and enjoy excellent quality for 30 days!

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   Updated Fri, 19 Sep 2014

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