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Print Directory List

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Windows XP/2003/Vista/7/8/10


The list of directories is a list of full paths to all directories stored in some memory catalogue. If you have some complex folder structure and have problems with finding required one quickly, you can print the list of directories for more comfortable use. Having it on paper will help you to orientate in your folders better and quicker. Also such printed folder lists are good for report purposes. You can easily print directory list using Print Maestro utility. This automatic report generation tool serves for quick folder or file list generation and its printing or converting to various document formats.

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The process of printing the folder list is very simple and consists of a few steps:

Green PlusSelecting the folder for generating the full list of its subfolders

Green PlusSetting font, paper parameters (optional)

Green PlusSetting printing parameters (optional)

Green PlusConfirmation for starting printing.

In the shortest scenario you will need to make a three mouse clicks. By first you select source folder, by second press Print button and by third - press OK. In this case a standard folder list report will be printer. This directory printer builds a full list of subfolders stored in the selected folder, up to the last nesting level. And this is only one of the report types it can provide. Others includes folder tree, file list (detailed and short), folder list with additional information, media list (music, videos, etc.). Print Maestro covers all possible needs in reports regarding your file and folder system. You can also export directory list to DOC, PDF, HTML or other format for more comfortable use.

directory printer directory printer directory printer directory printer

Print Maestro supports command line. This means you can print folder lists or generate various file system reports by a simple command in Runů dialogue of Windows. Command samples and all required parameters are listed in Help menu.

You can test Print Maestro for free, as it is available in 30 days free trial. Get it now to make sure it perfectly fits your needs.

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Buy Print Maestro NOW!
(only $39.90)
   Updated Fri, 24 Apr 2015

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