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Rename Files In Batches

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Over a period of time you end up with a whole lot of files on your computer. These files may be documents, films, or even photos. Since many of these may be quite old, you may have forgotten which file is which. In other cases, you may need to reorganize them by putting similar files in one place. For whatever reason, you often need to rename your files, especially if you want to reorganize your files and put things in order.

You may say yes, I can rename files. I always rename my files easily one by one. Yes, you are right. But dont you think renaming files this way is time-consuming and cumbersome? Dont you wish you had a tool that could rename files faster and recursively process sub folders as well? Well, there is such a tool the Visual Renamer.

Visual Renamer is the ideal tool for those of you who often rename files, and that too many files at a time. It helps you do that, not one at a time, but groups of files at one go, thus saving a lot of your precious time. Visual Renamer is especially useful for writers, music lovers, and photographers. Writers have many of their works saved on the computer. Music lovers have collections of songs and photographers have their photos. Everything can be so much simpler if similar files were put together in one place, and this is exactly what Visual Renamer does. This is how the renaming is done

Visual Renamer has a simple and user-friendly interface. Once the tool is opened, select the folders that you wish to rename from the Explorer panel on the left hand side. Once you do that, the files of the folders will all appear on the panel on the right. Tick the files that you wish to rename, and check on Rename folder. If you have sub-folders that you wish to rename as well, then also check Process subfolders. Select a preset scheme from the dropdown menu above. Once you do that, your selected scheme will be applied to all your chosen folders and files, and will be displayed under Preview of renaming. Now all you have to do is click on Rename and your files will be renamed.

This renaming process has many different features that you can use to personalize the whole thing. For example, you can select files by mask, date, group, or extension; add attributes by path, date, name, tag and so on; select rename schemes from many different types; and switch to a script of your choice. You can even undo a renaming and start all over again.

Isnt Visual Renamer a wonderful tool to have?

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Buy Visual Renamer NOW!
(only $24.50)
   Updated Thu, 23 Oct 2014

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