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MP3 rename and Visual Renamer

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The way Visual Renamer handles mp3 tag renaming for mp3 files is not very obvious, and that's why we decided to add more information about it here.

Visual Renamer has several predefined mp3 tag renaming schemes (those are: Artist-Album-Title, Artist-Year-Album, Artist-Title, Artist-Title-Track Length). Artist-Title can always be replaced with Title-Artist. Predefined rename schemes are also templates and are easily modified, allowing the user to create customized schemes, so even the most unusual needs can be satisfied. For example, the whole mp3 collection can be sorted by genres and/or artists.

The rename procedure itself then becomes as easy as this:

  • Select the scheme that suits you best;
  • Rename your files.

If you still consider this procedure too complicated, try Multi Renamer for a simplified way of renaming mp3 files.

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Buy Visual Renamer NOW!
(only $24.50)
   Updated Thu, 23 Oct 2014

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