Sneaking Music Into The Movies, or how to use iPods in movie theaters

May 29th, 2007

Part of having an iPod is the need to use it. And use it in any situation possible. One of the most interesting places that you can use an iPod is in a movie theater.

Obviously there are a number of issues with using an iPod in a movie theater. You need to play it at a volume low enough that only you can hear, and not your neighbors; if a cell phone is rude, then how rude would a music-player be? You also need to be aware that some theaters do not like to see their patrons with electronics of any kind; the fear of bootleggers runs too deep.

Why would you want to bring an iPod into a movie theater? Most common situations are:

1. The most obvious reason is so that you can survive a bad movie, one that is so bad that you know that you lose brain cells just walking in, but nonetheless need to see either for class.

2. When your friends have picked the movie and have dragged you along.

3. You may also be a serious movie geek, and so have downloaded trailers and images from the movie to share with friends, as well as podcasts about the movie, or related to it, and want to bring them so you can share them with friends.

4. You may just want the vicarious feeling of doing something naughty, or want a back-up plan in case the movie is annoying.

5. You could have chosen a bad movie on purpose in order to take advantage of the air conditioning, and need something to keep your mind off the movie.

No matter which reason you choose, you still need to get inside the theater. When it comes to sneaking it in anywhere, the size of the iPod is your greatest ally. The easiest way is to slip it into an inner coat pocket, and then run the earplug up through the coat; it will usually be ignored. You can also keep it in your pocket and just run the earphones up your shirt or jacket. If possible, grab some dark headphones, as the default white ones are too obvious and will give you away.

Remember to upload your favourite music to iPod – you must have something to listen to. Use iPod AudioBook to create audio books for your iPod from OGG, FLAC or any other file.

Just bear in mind that you are going into an environment where people have paid money in order to enjoy something, and that you have decided to bring in something that may disrupt their enjoyment. If the ushers throw someone out, it’s going to be you, so remember basic courtesy and either go into a theater that’s basically empty or keep the volume down as low as you can. You really can enjoy your music anywhere; just be nice about it!

Next time you go to a movie pay attention to the amount of people with playing iPods:)

P.S. Does your iPod give you real freedom?

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  • 1. Dory  |  February 3rd, 2010 at 7:31 pm

    Why not, i’m always watching old movies with an ipod

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