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Convert ADF to JPEG

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ADF or Amiga Disk File is a disk image created on an Amiga system. Files with this extension store an exact copy of an Amiga-formatted disk in fixed-width AmigaDOS data tracks and can easily be mounted as a physical disk using an Amiga emulation program. There are only a few programs that support ADF format; namely, they are Cloanto Amiga Forever, ADF Opus, WinUAE and WinFellow. If you want to view ADF files with other applications, you should consider using ADF JPEG converter to convert ADF to image.

At CoolUtils, we know it can be hard to find a really good converter, so we have come up with Total GIS Converter. This is a simple and yet efficient tool to convert ADF to JPEG and many other formats. More importantly, this program allows you to process files saved in other rare formats, like GRD, AEP, GRD, E00, FLT, DLG, ECW, IMG, DGF, GML, SID, JPEG, TTKPS, PFT, etc.

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All you need to do to convert ADF to image, is complete 3 simple steps. But before you need to do the following:

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The free trial version active for 30 days is available on our official website. But if you are looking for a fully-functional version, we are happy to offer it for you! The full version comes with GUI and command line support, 13 interface languages and free maintenance!

Step 1: Open Total GIS Converter

You can either double-click on the desktop icon, select the program from Start menu or use command line.

Step 2: Select ADF files for conversion

Choose the folder that you store your ADF files in and then tick off the files you wish to convert. Or, use the "Select all" button.

Step 3: Set JPEG as target format

Simply click on the JPEG button to set JPEG as target format. Then click "Start!" to begin conversion! You can change the default settings (slice ADF, change destination folder, select region).

Convert ADF to JPEG

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Buy Total GIS Converter NOW!
(only $99.90)
   Updated Fri, 16 Feb 2018
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