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  APE, which is usually referred to as “Monkey Format,” because its name sounds like “Ape” (monkey) is an audio compression format. Its main advantage is the quality of sound as all files saved in ape are lossless. The drawbacks of this format, however, are also significant. Ape audio files are compatible with only a limited number of digital devices and operating systems (in fact, it is only Windows that supports Ape).

However, if you do not feel like giving up the great quality of sound guaranteed by ape format, you should consider getting a special program to play and convert these files. One of the best solutions is APE converter, which will help you play and convert ape files.

When you will browse the Internet for audio converter available on the market, you will see that he choice is extremely wide. To decide on the converter, answer a few simple questions:

  1. How functional you want it to be?
  2. How easy should it be to use?
  3. How much are you ready to pay for it?

If you want to kill as many birds with one stone as possible, consider downloading Total Audio Converter. This program is developed by CoolUtils, a well-known software development company with deep expertise in design of format converters of all types. Its audio converter, which is appreciated by thousands of users around the globe, is superior to similar applications of this type due to a number of reasons:

  • it is very easy to use because its intuitive interface can be mastered by beginners as well as advanced users in a matter of minutes. Moreover, CoolUtils has created a step-by-step wizard for everyone;
  • it is highly functional because it can be used not only for ape audio conversion but also for music playback, CD ripping and downloading of songs from YouTube;
  • it is suitable for batch conversion of ape files, which means that you can convert hundreds of songs at a time instead of processing each song individually.

All you need to do is download Total Audio Converter now.

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