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  AU file format was developed by Sun Microsystems companies. AU is a native format for Cisco systems, it is also supported by a few other software players, however it hardly can be called popular and universal. If you experience problems with AU audio tracks compatibility, if you are unable to use these files on your common devices, you can convert AU files to another music format, readable by software and devices you run. To do this you will need Total Audio Converter. This universal audio files converter is able to turn your AU files to one of ten supported formats. This is enough to make tracks compatible with any program or device.

Using AU Converter is always easy and fast deal. It has an interface that is clear for any type of users. The program is positioned as all-in-one converter, and this position is truly reflects this audio converter functionality. A few conversion modes are available:

  1. conversion via graphic user interface: do all settings and perform conversion with the help of a handy interface
  2. conversion from the desktop: without launching the program, convert files using context menu option
  3. conversion from the command line: run the program using cmd interface, and use all features of GUI-version.

This AU converter works in one-by-one and batch mode. You can process a single au file per conversion, or convert all source au files in one conversion. The choice depends on your need. If there are many files, and you need to convert them with similar settings, batch mode will be preferable. If there is one file or a few files for converting with different settings, one-by-one mode suits more.

If you would like to extend the functionality of your AU files, use Total Audio Converter. It is available in both paid licensed and free trial versions. Download your own copy from here!

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   Updated Wed, 18 Aug 2021

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