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Easy Way To Migrate Apple Mail to Windows Live


Migrating your email data between account providers is never a task you turn to with relish. Whether it's a business or private account, this is your most personal data that's at stake. It's a serious matter. If you find yourself having to migrate Apple Mail to Windows Live, you need to be as sure as possible that the process will be smooth and free of glitches.

Preparing your data is the most critical part of this job. Apple Mail comes with export options as standard of course but really this is a data transfer stage that calls for a dedicated tool. Total Thunderbird Converter is the solution to rely on when you need to reliably convert MBOX to EML. Not convinced? Sign up for our free trial download and see for yourself!

Migrate Apple Mail to Windows Live

download Total Thunderbird Converter

The range of plus points here is large. For starters, you don't need to be an expert to use Total Thunderbird Converter. It can process even the largest email archives with ease, even if they are measured in the gigabytes!

If you need to export or migrate just a subsection of your email, Total Thunderbird Converter has you covered there too. You can even sort by date, sender or recipient. A further huge selling point is the constantly available preview pane that helps you visualize the changes you are making as you narrow your export options.

Switching up to the Total Thunderbird Converter Pro version unlocks a further layer of essential functionality. Of most interest to power users here will be the ability to handle attachments and export to non-email formats such as DOC and PDF files.

This feature alone makes the upgrade worthwhile when you think of the hours of drudgery it could save you if you're tasked with preparing sensitive data for archiving or migration.

We've put a similar level of care and thought into our licensing options. You are free to choose between desktop, server, site and royalty-free licenses to match you or your company's specific requirements. As you see Total Thunderbird Converter is very affordable.

Choose Total Thunderbird Converter and you stand to save yourself a huge amount of time and frustration whenever you need to convert Apple Mail to EML or migrate Apple Mail to Outlook or Windows Live.

Download the free evaluation copy now; it's good for 30 days.


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Updated Sat, 22 Jan 2022

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