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How to Archive Outlook email to PDF files

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There can be a plenty of outdated emails in Microsoft Outlook that cannot be deleted but make the mailbox seriously overloaded. You can archive these emails by converting them to PDF. Total Outlook Converter Pro is the tool you need.

A PDF version of mail history will be compact enough to be stored locally, exchanged with others via mail. It is also suitable for printing. Emails from Outlook are archived into a PST file that contains not only messages, but file attachments too. Very often essentially important information is sent in attached documents or archives. Different media files can be shared via email. Total Outlook Converter Pro supports all sorts of attachments and can extract them from PST file together with message texts. This way you can significantly clean up your Outlook account from old files and messages, saving them somewhere on a hard drive or elsewhere.

Total Outlook Converter Pro reads the content of PST automatically, listing all messages sorted by folders similar to a mail client. It can convert emails to PDF in batch. You specify converting parameters for entire mailbox and let the program convert all messages at once. You can setup a converting rule for each type of attachment. The program can:

Green PlusUnpack attached archives and save files to a folder

Green PlusInsert images attached to a message into PDF copy (email text and attached images will be one document)

Green PlusConvert attached emails into PDF too

Green PlusConvert attached documents to PDF or save them to a predefined destination

You can use any combination of these options for your messages. Besides processing attachments Total Outlook Converter Pro features fully adjustable layout for PDF copies. You can define page size, header and footer content and style, margins and other parameters in settings. The program will generate PDF mail copies according to your settings. Try it!

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Buy Total Outlook Converter Pro NOW!
(only $99.90)
   Updated Tue, 22 Dec 2020
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