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Total Folder Monitor will save you a whole load of manual work and do all the conversion automatically. By aid of the program, you can automatically convert DOC files to HTML, PDF, XLS, JPG, TIFF, and text files. Developed by Coolutils Software Developer Company, Total Folder Monitor integrates with all file converters produced by this company. If you have them on your PC, you can convert files automatically.

Total Folder Monitor keeps an eye on your folder and performs the set task on a newly added file. The task gets active if a new file or files are in the folder, or the file size exceeds your set limits. For instance, if you set 5 DOC files for automatic doc conversion and add only 3 new files to the folder, the program will not convert them but will wait for additional files. You don't even have to watch folders or perform repetitive tasks. Total Folder Monitor will do everything the right way and in the right time. Just set the time for operations, and the utility will follow each and every step you have specified.

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Other Benefits
You can even offer an operation you think the tool should be able to perform. In other words, we can use your suggestions and customize our product to live up to our customers' requirements.

The program permits you to set tasks for 4 most common occasions:

  • Run action is performed when task event occurs
  • On Success action will be performed should Run action go without any errors.
  • On Error action will be performed should Run action produce an error
  • On Resume action will be performed if Run action is not affected by errors.
The tasks can be modified and deleted any time, and this is done automatically.

Total Folder Monitor is a shareware. It is available online. You can either buy the product key, or download a free 30-day trial version. In the former case, you will be entitled to free updates and technical support. In the latter case, you can use the program for only 30 days.

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Buy Total Folder Monitor NOW!
(only $99.00)
   Updated Thu, 03 Dec 2020

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