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How to Convert BMP to JPEG 2000 in Batch

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Do you have a BMP image that you'd like to convert to a different format? Look no further! Total Image Convertercan save BMP as JPEG 2000 as well as dozens of other formats. Big jobs slowing you down? Tired of switching files manually; one at a time? Our batch JPEG 2000 converter removes all the hassle by automating tedious conversion tasks. No job is too big!

Here at CoolUtils... flexibility, utility, and options are the order of the day. We want you, regardless of skill level, to be able to do whatever you need to do with your files. Sometimes that means converting them to an entirely different format. When you convert BMP to JPEG 2000 using Total Image Converter you can rest easy knowing that your finished file will be even cooler than the original. How can we guarantee that? It's simple really. When you switch BMP to JP2 with our conversion app, we provide you with a number of cool customization options. For example you can:

Green PlusAdd watermarks.

Green PlusAdjust and crop images.

Green PlusChoose compression levels.

Green PlusResize your images.

Green PlusSwitch image orientation.

Green PlusWork with large batches of files.

Green PlusSet files to convert recursively based on subfolders.

Along with options that help you to modify the look and feel of your image files, we've also developed options for accessing the converter interface. For beginners we include a fun, easy-to-use GUI. For the more advanced user, we offer direct access to the command line to allow for quiet, behind the scenes control. Whichever you choose we're certain you'll agree that this is a super useful tool.

Download our free 30-day trial and see for yourself. If you decide to register Total Image Converter, for just $24.90 you'll get lifetime access to the app. All upgrades are free in the first year, and you will receive unlimited access to our great tech support crew. With support for 13 different languages, and continuous updates, you'll discover that we've included a little something for everyone!

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