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Do you want to convert MSG files to PDF, DOC, TIFF, HTML, TXT? Batch conversion is much more comfortable than exporting every single .msg file separately in terms of time and comfort. Total Mail Converter Pro is a batch MSG converter that helps to decode data from original MSG format and save it to text, image formats or even web pages. It is highly flexible which helps to gain proper formatting for output copies.

The major difference from standard Total Mail Converter is ability to convert attachments. Attached documents or other files often contain more important information than emails themselves and ignoring them during conversion may be a problem. With Pro version you can be sure that data from messages and their attachments will be properly processed.

Customizable batch MSG conversion including attachments provides a set of parameters:

Green Plusyou can set specific folder to store converted copies;

Green Plusthe template for future file names is also adjustable;

Green Plusyou can convert all fields of original emails or exclude some of them;

Green Plusprocessing attachments implies saving them unchanged;

Green Plusconverting to target format or inserting into converted email copy.


Excluding specific files helps to get rid of the information that you don't need. This can be date of message creation, subject, etc. When you convert MSG in batch, the parameters in wizard will be used for every original message. This makes life easier, as you don't need to repeat the same settings again and again.

Total Mail Converter Pro is smart enough to differentiate the types of attached files and process them accordingly. This way exe files or audio tracks, for sample, will be saved to a folder and not converted to another format, while documents, images and web pages can be converted.

It is a functional batch mail converter that is easy to use for massive MSG conversions, and you will find it highly useful for backup export of your emails. Pro version is available for trial, get it here!

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Buy Total Mail Converter Pro NOW!
(only $129.90)
   Updated Mon, 18 Oct 2021
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