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We all have files on our computers that we often need to rename. Sometimes just a few, at other times several at the same time. Renaming one or two files individually is fine, but what if you need to rename files in batch? Don’t you find it too cumbersome and time consuming? This is when you need a tool like Visual Renamer.

Visual Renamer is an ideal tool to have. The best part is that besides the user friendly interface, it has several very useful features. For example, when renaming files in batch you can add a prefix or suffix so you know the difference between the batches. Or you can leave the names of the files as they are and just add a prefix or a suffix to differentiate between groups of files. Let’s take a specific case.

Suppose you are one who organizes your files every year, say in December each year. You have many files for the year 2007, some personal, others business related. You wish to rename these files in batch and yet be able to know which year and what type the file is. You have:

  • Contact1.doc
  • Contract2.doc
  • Contract3.doc

Once you have selected the files and the sub-folders that you wish to rename, click on ‘Add Attributes’ from the panel above. You will then see the various options in the drop down menu. Let’s say you click on the option Create Date and write the date as 2007. This will add the suffix 2007 to your selected files. In other words your files will look like this:

  • Contact1-2007.doc
  • Contract2-2007.doc
  • Contract3-2007.doc
So now you have all your files of the year 2007 renamed in such a way that you can find them easily. You can also add a prefix in the same way. Suppose you want to differentiate the personal mails from your business mails. Then you can add the prefixes ‘personal’ and ‘business’ to your files, and they would look like this:
  • personal-Contact1-2007.doc
  • business-Contract2-2007.doc
  • business-Contract3-2007.doc
Visual Renamer also allows you to add both a prefix and a suffix. In such a case your renamed file would look something like this – ‘business-file-2007.doc’.

Isn’t this easy and fast? Besides, you don’t need to have any special skills to use Visual Renamer. Even inexperienced users can rename files in batch without any problem

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Buy Visual Renamer NOW!
(only $24.50)
   Updated Wed, 18 Apr 2018

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