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Hot Offer - BundleX With A Great Discount!

If you need file converters that run on Windows web-servers we got the ones you need. Convert images, Office documents, audio, video, pdf and html files, split or combine PDFs or TIFFs with reliable and powerful CoolUtils products. All server versions include ActiveX. Our programs for web-servers are easy-to-use console tools - no obtrusive GUI or interrupting messages. We offer all of them in a bundle for $330 only!

So you get:

  1. 6 powerful document converters (Total PDF ConverterX, Total HTML ConverterX, Total Doc ConverterX, Total PDF ConverterX, Total Excel ConverterX, Total CSV ConverterX).
  2. 3 multimedia converters (Total Aduio ConverterX, Total Image ConverterX, Total Movie ConverterX)
  3. 2 unique email converters (Total Mail ConverterX, Total Outlook ConverterX)
  4. 4 handy apps to deal with Tiff and PDF files (PDF CombineX, PDF SplitterX, Tiff PagingX, Tiff CombineX)
  5. Total PDF PrinterX to print PDF files in batch via command line
  6. ActiveX for all programs
  7. Twelve months of free major upgrades
  8. One-year subscription to new products (you get them for free)
  9. Free tech support
  10. Free minor improvements (in case you want some option to be added)
That's 16 useful server programs for the price of 2!
Buy NOW!
(only $330)

Note that the PRO versions of our products are not included into the bundle.

support policySupport and Upgrades.
Read our support policy to find out support or upgrades options. New registered users get 1 year of software maintenance for free.

The full list of products:

Coolutils ConverterX Preview

Coolutils ConverterX

Convert any file to PDF, DOC, TIFF, XPS on your server via command line. Coolutils ConvetrerX is a powerful app that supports over 30 file types. Provides access via ActiveX interface for all legacy programming languages.   read more

Coolutils ConverterX Download
(only $1100.00)
PDF Combine Pro X Preview

PDF Combine Pro X

Server all-to-PDF merging app to combine files with pro x version of pdf combiner. No matter what you have - DOC, TIFF, PDF, JPEG - you will combine them into one multi-page PDF in few clicks!   read more

PDF Combine Pro X Download
(only $570.00)
PDF Combine X Preview

PDF Combine X

Combine PDF on a server or add merge pdf option to your app with x version of pdf combiner. Many combining options to fit any task. Ask for a sample on your language.   read more

PDF Combine X Download
(only $250.00)
Total Outlook Converter Pro X Preview

Total Outlook Converter Pro X

Convert Outlook emails with attachments and PST files to PDF, DOC, HTML, EML on a server. Archive or back up emails with the most powerful app.   read more

Total Outlook Converter Pro X Download
(only $1100.00)
Total XML ConverterX Preview

Total XML ConverterX

Convert XML to JSON, XML, CSV, PDF via command line in batch. The perfect app for your server or as a part of your solution. It's simple but very efficient.   read more

Total XML ConverterX Download
(only $750.00)
Total Mail Converter ProX Preview

Total Mail Converter ProX

Convert MSG and EML to PDF, DOC, TXT, PST via command line. The server-based batch mail converter that runs silently without any interrupting messages. Install in on your server to convert emails with the utmost accuracy.   read more

Total Mail Converter ProX Download
(only $850.00)
PDF SplitterX Preview

PDF SplitterX

Split PDF files on web-servers by pages, by plank pages, by bookmarks. Very simple command line params. Works in a batch mode, no limits in the number of files.   read more

PDF SplitterX Download
(only $99.90)
Total Outlook ConverterX Preview

Total Outlook ConverterX

Convert Outlook emails to PDF, DOC, TIFF, etc. via command line. It runs silently on a web-server without any interrupting messages.   read more

Total Outlook ConverterX Download
(only $850.00)
Total CSV ConverterX Preview

Total CSV ConverterX

Convert CSV to DOC, PDF, HTML, TXT, XLS, DBF, XML via command line. It's a very powerful app with lots of additional options to provide you with perfect result.   read more

Total CSV ConverterX Download
(only $850.00)
Total Movie ConverterX Preview

Total Movie ConverterX

Use Total Movie ConverterX to convert AVI, MPG, WMV, MPEG, VOB, IVF, DIVX, MPE, MPEG4, ASF MOV, FLI, FLC on a web-server. It has no graphic user interface and runs silently.   read more

Total Movie ConverterX Download
(only $119.90)
Total Excel Converter X Preview

Total Excel Converter X

Total Excel Converter X converts all types of spreadsheets on web-servers. It supports XLS, XLSX, XLSM, ODS, XML. Give it a try, the demo version is available for 30 days.   read more

Total Excel Converter X Download
(only $550.00)
Total Audio Converter X Preview

Total Audio Converter X

Total Audio Converter X converts MP3, FLAC, OGG, OPUS, AAC, and 24 other audio file types via command line. It can be set up on a server or implemented into your app. ActiveX is available.   read more

Total Audio Converter X Download
(only $199.00)
Total Image Converter X Preview

Total Image Converter X

Total Image Converter X converts 35 image file types on web-servers. It has no GUI and can be implemented into your app with ActiveX. GConvert images in batches!   read more

Total Image Converter X Download
(only $89.90)
Tiff Paging X Preview

Tiff Paging X

Tiff Paging X is the server app to split, combine, re-arrange pages in TIFF files. It has no GUI, no interrupting messages, It can also be implemented into your app with ActiveX.   read more

Tiff Paging X Download
(only $99.90)
Tiff Combine X Preview

Tiff Combine X

Tiff Combine X is a server solution to combine TIFF files the way you want. Runs silently on any Windows server or Citrix environment. ActiveX is available.   read more

Tiff Combine X Download
(only $89.90)
Buy NOW!
(only $330)
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