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Free CAD Conversion Is Available Online At CoolUtils

If you urgently need to convert a couple of CAD drawings into PDF, JPEG or other formats, you are not required to install desktop Total CAD Converter, spending time on configuring it on your computer, adjusting conversion parameters, etc. You can use online CAD converter that features the major features of desktop version and offers quick conversion through the internet.

As a source files, online service supports different AutoCAD formats, printer file types, vector and bitmap graphics and can convert such drawings into:

  • PDF
  • CGM
  • SVG
  • JPEG
  • TIFF
  • HPGL

The script operates fully on the server side that makes it insensitive to your system resources. This makes a converter compatible with any device, even mobiles. If you received a CAD file in the email on mobile and need to view it immediately, just convert it to JPEG or PDF and view through your smartphone file viewer. After conversion is finished you will get the exact copy of original file, with the same size and layout.

Online CAD converter is able to process one file at once. If you have a few files, each one has to be converted separately. In desktop program users can process files in batches, set custom parameters and process files via command line. Online converter is lighter in functionality and doesn't require any adjustments - only selection of the desired format. The service is absolutely free, no matter how many files were converted. It doesn't require registration and sign in, users don't have to share their emails. Converted drawings are downloadable directly in the browser. CoolUtils takes care about security, and you can be sure that all files uploaded to server are safely protected from any third-party use. Try this free CAD converting service, when using a desktop solution is not convenient.

Pricing and Availability

Online CAD Converter runs in any browser and is absolutely free to all users. Find more information about onlibe CAD converter at

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