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Convert CGM to PS Fast

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CGM is a format of metafile that describes elements of 2D graphic file by text. It doesn’t contain graphics like JPEG or BMP, so it cannot be viewable in common image views. That is why users may experience problems in using CGM files without special software. If you want to share CGM files with others and be sure they will be able to view them, you will need to convert CGM to Post Script format. Now it is one of the most popular formats for sharing graphics online, alongside with PDF. As a result you will get copies of your CGM drawings in a format, compatible with standard image viewers.

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In order to convert metadata from CGM correctly, you will need a special CGM PS converter. Usually it takes long time to process such massive files. If you need to save time doing it fast, Total CAD Converter is your irreplaceable helper. Thanks to efficient conversion engine the program needs a minute or two to process batches of CGM files. You won’t need to convert them one by one. Just combine it into one batch and convert them together. The conversion process consists of these steps:

  1. Checkmarking source files : click on required folder with sources and check off the files you want to convert.
  2. Selecting target format : in order to convert CGM to PS, press PS button in the format bar.
  3. Making conversion settings : choose the proper options parameters to adjust the format of future copies.
  4. Enable conversion by pressing ‘Start!’ button.

With the help of Total CAD Converter it is very simple to export CGM into PS, even if you have a lot of files to process. The program is easy to understand, you won’t spend a lot of time on mastering its functional. Take a look at it in practice; download a free trial to test how it works.

Interface languages: English, Spanish, German, French, Russian, Japanese.

Win 2000/NT/XP/2003/Vista/7

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Buy Total CAD Converter NOW!
(only $99.00)
   Updated Fri, 12 Oct 2018
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