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Convert CGM to SWF In Batches

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Total CAD Converter can convert CGM files to various file types. It can turn them to CAD drawings, images, adapt for printing and even for using in flash graphics. The program easily converts CGM into SWF correctly rendering all data. You even will be able to customize original files to attain the formatting you need.

If you have a lot of CGM files for conversion, there is nothing to worry about. This program is able to convert CGM to SWF in batches that is highly suitable in case you need to process lots of drawings quickly. Total CAD Converter will convert them to separate SWF files or combine together into one result file.

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For the options, you can adjust the following:

Green PlusColor palette (desaturate or normal)

Green PlusSize (convert sources with original size or set desired size in pixels)

Green PlusRotation (8 rotation and flipping modes are available)

Green PlusWatermark settings (content, style and position)

These options are available after you set source batch and choose SWF as the format for conversion. Settings wizard pops up right after you click on the SWF icon. One more parameter should be specified - ocation for future copies. This CGM SWF converter offers destination by default, but you can change it to any memory folder you wish. All other settings are not compulsory, and you can leave them as by default.

Convert CGM to SWF In Batches

By rotation and resizing you can tune CGM drawings up to your needs, and in SWF format they will be properly positioned and styled. Watermarks serve for protecting graphics from illegal use. They help to set the origin of files easily. In batch mode the CAD converter applies settings to all files, and the same watermark will be put on all the resultant copies.

You can get Total CAD Converter for free - its trial version gives you 30 days of free use. Fair enough for testing its performance!

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Buy Total CAD Converter NOW!
(only $99.00)
   Updated Mon, 03 Sep 2018
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