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CGM TIFF ConverterIf you have a lot of CGM files and would like to convert them to TIFF format, Total CAD Converter is there to help you do it in less than no time. This is one of the fastest and most convenient file conversion utilities today's software market can offer, because it supports nearly all formats and, in particular, converts CGM files to TIFF.

What's CGM? Actually, CGM (Computer Graphics Metafile) format comprises picture description information. CGM files consist of elements that present pictures in such a way as to make them compatible with different systems and devices. The compatibility is achieved by aid of a means of graphic data interchange. The elements are specified in a textual source file. This file, in turn, can be combined into a binary file or just one of two text representations. This format is still used in engineering and aircraft construction, but in most other areas, it has been supplanted by SVG and DXF.

What's TIFF? TIFF (Tagged Image File Format) has a large number of modifications that cover nearly all aspects of graphic design. TIFF files were meant to be compatible with various digital environments. The contents of TIFF files are represented through tags and keywords that characterize the image being represented. This is a platform-independent file format, and it is used for bitmap data. TIFF files do not contain vector or text data.

Why Use Total CAD Converter To Convert CGM Files?

convert cgm to tiff With Total CAD Converter, you can convert many CGM files to TIFF as well as resize and rotate them. This new utility features batch conversion mode. All you have to do is check as many files as you want and launch the conversion process.

With Total CAD Converter, you can manage your CGM files right from the desktop. Right-click on the file and select Convert to. Then select TIFF and make your settings. Click Finish. You can also convert CGM to TIFF from within other applications, using command line. Whichever conversion method you choose, the wizard will guide you through the process and help you specify your settings. Next time you convert your CGM to TIFF, the settings will be the same.

Total CAD Converter is available on the web. In order to see how it works, you can download the free trial version of the product, which is valid for 30 days. Indeed, it will take you but a few hours to fully master the basics of working with Total CAD Converter. Buy the registered version and get all the upgrades and tech support for free and for good!

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Buy Total CAD Converter NOW!
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   Updated Thu, 14 Oct 2021

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