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Convert CR2 to TIFF

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Convert CR2 to TIFF

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Canon digital cameras store photos in a RAW format called CR2. If you want to view the photos on PC, share them online or edit in some graphic applications like Photoshop, you need to convert Canon shots into a more common format. One of the options is to convert CR2 images to TIFF format. This is raster graphic format that can store images in any quality. It is widely supported by various design apps and image viewers. So you will make your CR2 photos much more comfortable for further usage.

A utility that supports both CR2 and TIFF format and can perform conversion from one to another is Total Image Converter. The program can export CR2 images to the following formats:

  • CR2 to TIFF
  • CR2 to JPEG
  • CR2 to PNG
  • CR2 to GIF
  • CR2 to PXM
  • CR2 to PDF
  • CR2 to ICO

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And this is only a part of supported formats list. This handy and functional CR2 converter can work with almost all graphic file types used today. Usually there is a lot of photos made, so the most important feature after correctness is the speed of conversion. In this aspect Total Image Converter is the winner, as it can convert hundreds of images in one batch. You just set the conversion mode once for all source files, and this image converter will provide you with ready-made copies in a minute or so.

When you convert images to TIFF format, you are given with a range of optional settings that are aimed to gaining optimal formatting and quality for the output files. When you process photos, you may require maximum quality. TIFF is perfect for printing, especially if to convert CR2 to TIFF in an uncompressed mode. In this case the only problem is big size of TIFF copies. It is one of the weightiest graphic formats.

You can run Total Image Converter for free to test its functionality with your own photos. Download free trial here.

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