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  If you use Casio photo cameras, most likely you face the problem of editing or printing captured photos. These cameras record pictures in BAY format. It is a RAW file type that can't be printed or edited without conversion. Native Casio software doesn't provide the ability of converting photos, while both professional and amateur photographers need it. If you would like to have an ability of converting Casio files to different formats, try multi-purpose Total Image Converter that can easily convert Casio images to one of thirty graphic file types, including:
  • Casio to JPEG
  • Casio to TIFF
  • Casio to GIF
  • Casio to PNG
  • Casio to XPM
  • Casio to AVS

With the help of Total Image Converter you are able to make your Casio photos editable and viewable in any common graphic processing software that widely extends the range of using your captured material. It is perfect for converting massive photo storages, as it supports batch conversion. Using it you can convert all raw photos within one click. Just place them all into one folder and choose it as a source for conversion.

free download image converter

You even don't need to launch photos to your PC memory, just connect your photo camera to computer and Casio image converter will recognize its memory card and will be able to use sources right from there.

If you need to convert some single photo, it is convenient to use convert option in the file context menu. After the installation of Casio converter a new ‘convert to' option appears in the right-click file menu. Just choose it and specify all conversion settings you need. The whole conversion process consists of three steps – choosing source files, target format and conversion parameters. Thanks to handy interface all this will take not more than a few seconds.

You can start converting Casio images right now after downloading Total Image Converter here.

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   Updated Sat, 02 Oct 2021
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