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CSV format is actively used for data export and import in various websites, applications and services. If you have a few CSV files with related data and need to prepare their copy comfortable for reading, you need to combine CSV to PDF file that is much easier to read, print and share with others. This operation is available in Total CSV Converter, a program created for turning CSV files to documents, images and data tables.

In PDF format every single value of CSV source will be turned to a table cell. Data represented this way is much easier to recognize visually. Moreover, PDF format has better characteristics in term of security, as this is a non-editable document type.

In order to combine several CSV files into one multi-page PDF, do this:

Green PlusOpen Total CSV Converter

Green PlusGo to a folder with the CSV originals (use left-side navigation tree)

Green PlusCheck every CSV source in the appeared file list (in the middle of the window)

Green PlusPress CSV on top format bar

Green PlusCheck 'Combine all documents...' option in the Destination tab of popped up wizard

Green PlusMake other required settings and press Start!

Combine SCV files into one PDF

After this the program will merge CSV and convert to PDF format, creating a single PDF with all source data. You can also convert every CSV file into a separate PDF, this is just another conversion mode provided in the program. In the combine mode all the source files will be exported to PDF in a proper order.

There are a lot of settings that may help you to adjust the output format for PDF copy. For instance, you can select specific formatting for each data type, select paper format, etc. You can even make this CSV PDF converter record settings you selected for desired conversions. They will be written to a bat file that further can be uploaded into the wizard to recreate pre-saved configuration. Try all this in a trial version for free!

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Buy Total CSV Converter NOW!
(only $59.90)
   Updated Thu, 16 Sep 2021

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