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Combine SVG Drawings Into One TIFF

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If you have SVG files, and your computer cannot open it, Total CAD Converter helps. It just converts such files into a supported format. There is no need of AutoCAD to view, edit or print SVG drawings. You can convert them to TIFF, combine together and manage as graphics.

This is a universal tool for converting designs into various graphic and CAD formats (svg to pdf, svg to tiff, etc.). The major purpose of such export is extending files' usability. In AutoCAD it's impossible to turn SVG to TIFF, as well as in any graphic editor you cannot import SVG file. Total CAD Converter helps to switch from one format to another with ease.

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Conversion in this program turns into easy and clear step-by-step process. To merge a few files together, there is one trick you need to do. This is how to convert SVG files into multi-page TIFF image:

Green PlusIn Total CAD Converter click on the folder with SVG assets;

Green PlusIn the file list opened checkmark all files you want to merge;

Green PlusPress TIFF on the top of the window;

Green PlusIn the popup settings window go to the Destination tab;

Green PlusActivate 'Combine all documents into one file' option;

Green PlusSet the rest of the parameters;

Green PlusPress Start!

Combine SVG Drawings Into One TIFF

It takes a few seconds to process many SVG files in this manner. You can merge any number of drawings into one TIFF.

There is ability to edit CAD drawings outside of its native software. This way SVG drawings can be modified in a graphic editor, if to convert it to TIFF format. This vector graphic file type is multi-page, and you can combine SVG into one TIFF, if a few parts of one design project are stored in separate files.Total CAD Converter features this conversion type together with a lot of others. Try it and make it easier to work with drawings!

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Buy Total CAD Converter NOW!
(only $99.00)
   Updated Thu, 14 Oct 2021
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