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Want to make your Word documents readable but not editable? It is very simpe. If these are parts of one single book or article or other creative work, you only need to combine Word files into one PDF document using Total Doc Converter. In such a way you will create a copy of your Word sources, handy for viewing, sharing, printing, but protected from unwanted editing. In such a way the information will stay unchanged.

It is very useful feature for various presentations, reports, literature items, etc. Total Doc Converter features handy and very flexible converting documents to PDF. A lot of options are provided, and you can use only the ones you need.

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In order to combine several DOC into one PDF file, you need to:

  • Launch Total Doc Converter
  • Navigate through folder tree to find location of source files
  • Check off sources from the file list
  • Press PDF in the format bar
  • Set ‘Select destination’ parameter into ‘Combine all documents into one file’
  • Click Start!

In a few seconds this Word converter will provide you a PDF copy of your Doc sources with formatting saved. If you need to change the initial documents’ formatting, you need to make manual settings that include paper formatting, font settings, margins etc. If you need to combine Word to PDF secured file, Total Doc Converter offers a few security options:

  • PDF encryption (owner and user password with adjustable permissions)
  • Digital signature (using PPX file)
  • PDF properties (author, owner, etc.)

You can use either of these measures or adjust them all for maximal document protection. Digital signature is more preferable for individual document use, while password protection is more suitable for multi-user access.

Total Doc Converter with its PDF combine feature is already available here. Download it in free trial to try it on your own documents.

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Buy Total Doc Converter NOW!
(only $49.90)
   Updated Tue, 05 Oct 2021
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