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Win 2000/NT/XP/2003/Vista/7

  Printing PDF files can become an exhausting routine, especially if you need to process various requests from different users, processing dozens of files at a time. In order to automate this process and make it time-efficient, you should use command line print PDF utility like Total PDF Printer X. It was created on the basis of desktop version (Total PDF Printer) and provides the same functionality for Windows web-server.

Moreover, you can easily enable Total PDF Printer X from other application or web service. To do this you will need ActiveX tool that is easy to install and adjust for your needs. It comes together with this command line print PDF tool. The whole command for printing PDF files consists of a few lines of code that describe printer parameters. These are:

  1. Source file (or set of files or file folder)
  2. Destination (printer name)
  3. Tray index
  4. Other printing parameters (simple/duplex mode, paper settings, etc.)
You can set all this manually using command line print PDF mode or adjust automatic printing process with the help of Total Folder Monitor that will enable Total PDF Printer X each time a new request for printing comes.

Total PDF Printer X allows to everything that ordinary Total PDF Printer does. The main distinction is that X version is available for running on a web server or from other applications, while Total PDF Printer was created only for Windows OS. Total PDF Printer X prints documents without user interface, so to handle it you will need some coding, however it is simple even for an inexperienced user of web server apps.

You can test Total PDF Printer X right now, using free trial version. It is as functional as licensed version, the only limit is the term of use – only 30 days of validity. However you can always upgrade for a licensed version, purchasing a license key.

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Buy Total PDF PrinterX NOW!
(only $450.00)
   Updated Tue, 26 May 2020
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