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Convert ADF To PNG

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adf to png converter

convert adf to png

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  ADF format is a binary format of ESRI grid, a raster file format for storing and editing various kinds of geographic information – from mapping surfaces to various analytical data. ADF is also known as Arc Grid or Arc/Info Grid file format.

There are a few reasons why users need to convert ADF files into image formats such as PNG. ADF is a powerful tool for creating GIS projects, but it is not convenient for publishing them online or sharing it with wide audience. This limits the accessibility of GIS data. Sometimes it is reasonable to compress big GIS files in size for faster online sharing or more compact storage.

Converting ADF to PNG is easy with the help of Total GIS Converter that created especially for exporting GIS files into various graphic formats. In order to create PNG copies of ADF files, you need to:

  1. Open the program. Select source file (or files) using inner navigation panels (folder list and file list).
  2. Select conversion mode (click ‘PNG’ icon in the format bar).
  3. Do necessary settings with the help of pop up wizard.
  4. Start conversion process by pressing ‘Start!’ button in the pop-up wizard.
Mention that you can use ADF PNG converter in batch mode for converting many files at a time. You can check as many source files as you need. You can even select a few folders containing ADF originals and convert all their content into PNG. They will be converted with folder structure saved.

As an alternative to ordinary way of using Total GIS Converter you can enable it from the command line. Using special command line parameters described in Help menu you can convert files without launching program interface. Total GIS Converter is ready for purchase. You can buy a full licensed version or download a trial program right now.

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Buy Total GIS Converter NOW!
(only $99.90)
   Updated Fri, 23 Mar 2018
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