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Convert ArcInfo Binary Grid (ADF) To TIFF

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adf to tiff converter

convert adf to tiff

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  ArcInfo Binary Grid (ADF) format is mostly used in GIS software for modeling and representing relief configuration on maps. ADF file structure is divided into lines and columns, each cell of which has a specific value that displays in different color or other parameter. Viewing ADF files is possible only through specialized GIS software with ADF support, like ArcInfo app. If you need to print your ADF files or use them as images in various presentations or for file sharing, it is reasonable to convert ADF to TIFF tagged image file format with lossless color rendering. In such a way your ADF files become viewable and editable through any image viewer or editing app.

If you need to convert GIS files, there is not better software solution than Total GIS Converter. It can convert GIS files in batches, means you can convert dozens of files at a time. It is capable of processing of the whole folders of source files in one simple cycle. It is extremely time-saving feature in case you need to convert many ADF files.

It is the first GIS TIFF converter that supports all of GIS formats used nowadays for source files. You can select the source files of ADF, AEP, APR or any other of more than 35 supported source formats, and the program will perform their conversion to images in a few seconds.

Total GIS Converter offers conversion to TIFF that has several major advantages:

  • Ability to process any number of source files or folders at a time
  • Support of source file fragmentation: you can divide the source file (or files) into any number of fragments and convert them into separate TIFF images
  • Support of region conversion: select specific part of the source file using in-built viewer and convert it into TIFF file
  • Fast operating conversion: only a few seconds required to perform conversion
  • Command line mode: enable application and perform conversion using simple command line parameters.

This is only a part of features provided with Total GIS Converter. Buy it online to see its full functionality and use it for reliable and fast conversion of ADF files!

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Buy Total GIS Converter NOW!
(only $99.90)
   Updated Wed, 21 Mar 2018
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