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Convert AEP To PNG

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aep to png converter

convert aep to png

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  AEP is a format of ArcExplorer Project file used for storing spatial information. Using it native application (ArcExplorer) such a file can be viewed and edited, while using it with other programs is almost impossible due to the lack of compatibility. That is why the most of users convert AEP files to more flexible graphic formats, such as: • TIFF • PNG • JPG • BMP

PNG format provides efficient compression in size while the quality stays almost unchanged. It ideally suits for online storing, sharing and viewing AEP files without necessity to install ArcExplorer. Total GIS Converter from CoolUtils is able to convert GIS files (AEP, GRD, ADF, etc.) into one of four aforementioned graphic formats. With its help you can convert any number of AEP files receiving identical copies of sources in another file format. The process of exporting AEP to PNG is very simple, similar to working with any other standard application. Here is a little guide of how to turn AEP files into PNG images:

  1. Using left-side navigation menu open the memory folder with required AEP sources, you will see its content displayed to the right from the folder list;
  2. In the opened file list check off necessary sources (there can be one or a few files, if you need ALL files to be converted, press ‘Check All’ button in the bottom of source file list);
  3. In the popped up window you can make a few settings: specify destination for the future PNG files, select a region that covers AEP source and divide original AEP image into fragments of predefined size.
  4. After all settings are done, press ‘Start!’ to enable conversion process.

Note that you can skip options adjustment and use default settings if you have no special requirements or need to save time. As you see, it is possible to fasten the process of conversion by skipping unnecessary features. Total GIS Converter is already on market, you can download it right now free!

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Buy Total GIS Converter NOW!
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   Updated Tue, 20 Mar 2018
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