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Convert ArcExplorer Project File (aep) To TIFF

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aep to tiff converterArcExplorer is a GIS software designed by ESRI. As any other geographic information system software, ArcExplorer provides powerful facilities for presenting, analyzing and distributing geographic data, creating thematic maps, downloading and viewing geographic data published in the Internet.

ArcExplorer Project files may contain ready-made maps with various information regarding geographic objects, places of interest or centers of population. Viewing AEP files requires special software (ArcExplorer), it is not compatible with other graphic viewers. However sometimes users touch with the need to make maps suitable for printing establishment. Specialized printing software doesn’t support AEP. That is why it is necessary to convert AEP to TIFF format, widely used in publishing. TIFF will be also suitable if you need to convert GIS files for making them compatible with image viewers, so anyone, even without ArcExplorer program, could view the maps.

Doing this is absolutely simple if you have Total GIS Converter from CoolUtils that transforms any GIS file into one of four graphic formats, including: • TIFF • PNG • JPG • BMP

Traditionally CoolUtils offers several modes of conversion:

  • One conversion per file: user selects one single source file and performs its conversion;
  • Multi-conversion: user selects as many source files as he needs and performs their conversion in one program cycle;
  • Command line conversion: user enables Total GIS Converter and performs files conversion using command line parameters.
When using any mode of GIS TIFF converter, you will be offered to specify conversion parameters, among which are location for future converted files, selecting specific region of the map for conversion or setting map fragmentation parameters. You can divide the source AEP file into fragments, setting the size of each part, and convert them into separate TIFF files. You also can use default settings, without any manual adjustments in case when you don’t have special requirements for conversion.

Total GIS Converter is able to make your AEP files compatible with any image viewer, suitable for printing and graphic editing. Buy it online – Total GIS Converter is already available here!

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Buy Total GIS Converter NOW!
(only $99.90)
   Updated Thu, 22 Feb 2018
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