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convert ape oggWith the inception of Total Audio Converter, lots of users have discovered a new and more effective way of working with audio files. This is the most versatile and powerful audio file conversion tool available now. It supports a great number of audio formats and converts files to WAV, OGG, MP3, WMA, FLAC, APE, MPC, MP4, AAC. You will have no difficulties converting APE to OGG.

Total Audio Converter is great for both experienced users and first time users. It does not require big background. The interface is laid out in such a way that you can tell your every next step. All menus, functions and buttons are readily observable on the screen. The tool has several advanced features, which include command line option, right-button option, batch mode, built-in audio player and YouTube grabber.

Why Convert APE to OGG?

APE (Monkey's Audio) is a lossless compression audio format available for various operating systems. It uses a competitive compression algorithm. However, this is not a very popular format. First, decompression is slower than in other lossless formats. Second, APE was released under a custom license; therefore, operations with the source code should be sanctioned by the author.

OGG can be used more conveniently, as it contains raw compressed data. Besides, audio and video data are interleaved, so .ogg files are convenient for internet streaming, and they can be written and read in one pass.

Using the OGG Converter

This is very simple. All you need to do is select the folder with APE files and check-mark them. By aid of batch function, you can check all your APE filers automatically and convert them to OGG almost as quickly as a single file. This is the fastest OGG converter you have ever seen!

convert ape ogg

The Wizard will help you adjust your settings. If you wish to make your own settings, you should have a little bit of experience. To understand, how bitrates, sample rates and channels affect sound quality, you can use the built-in audio player.

This APE converter can be launched from within other applications via command line. Besides, it integrates into Windows, so you can use the right-button menu to manage your files right from the desktop. The new version features YouTube option, by aid of which you can grab audio from YouTube.

Total audio Converter is available online. You can either download the 30-day trial version or buy the tool right now. Registered users will receive free upgrades and tech support on a regular basis.

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Buy Total Audio Converter NOW!
    FREE DOWNLOAD  Image Tutorial
(only $24.90)
   Updated Thu, 18 Feb 2021

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