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apl mp3 converterTotal Audio Converter is one of the most craved-for audio conversion tools, and there are reasons for that. It supports a wide variety of audio formats, and it is very easy to use. Total Audio Converter converts APL to MP3 in batch in less than no time. The program was designed to be easy to use for novice users. It has an intuitive interface and a handy Wizard.

About APL
APL is a version of APE (Monkey's Audio) format. It is a lossless audio compression format, which retains most of audio data and therefore ensures good sound quality. At the same time, APL format saves a lot of disk space. APL format can be used for distribution, playback and archiving audio information. Both APE and APL extensions are referred to as Monkey's Audio files. The file extension .APE is used for audio and .APL for track metadata information.

About the APL MP3 Converter

If you are experiencing difficulties finding software to render your APL audio files, you need a good MP3 Converter. If you have Total Audio Converter, you have found one! With this unique tool, you can convert APL to MP3 instantly. This audio converter has a number of advanced features, which include batch function, built-in CD player, CD ripper, command line, right-click option. Besides, it downloads audio from your Youtube vids and converts them to other formats!

It will take seconds for the converter to convert a hundred of APL files to MP3. Just select a folder with APL files from the folder tree and check the files you wish to convert. If you would like to convert all the files contained in the folder, click Check All. Then click MP3. The Wizard will help you adjust channels, frequencies and bit rates. If you are not sure, skip it and use the default parameters. Use the built-in audio player to estimate the quality of your target files. You can play an APL file first and then an MP3 file to compare. When you have made your settings, click Start.

convert ogg to wma

Audio Converter can be launched from within other programs via command line. Also, you can convert a single APL file via the right-button popup menu. All you need to do is right-click on a file and select convert to. Then go as described above.

Total Audio Converter is available online for only $24.90. Not extortionate at all, considering its capacity and versatility! To see how it works, download the free 30-day trial version and make your own opinion!

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