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convert cda wmaWMA audio format is one of the most popular nowadays. It is widely used by Windows users and supported by many portable players and stereo systems. It has its own pros and cons, but there is a wide category of users who prefer it against all other alternatives. If you want to move all your CD music collection into computer memory or make it more accessible for other players, you need to convert CDA to WMA files.

CDA tracks are protected from copying and usually it is impossible to copy them into computer memory, if the disc is licensed. If no, you can copy tracks but they will be not suitable for playback or conversion. Only ripping CDA files with the help of specialized software prepares them for conversion. If you don't want to pay twice for both ripper and converter, try Total Audio Converter that offers direct CDA into WMA conversion within a few clicks. When CD disk is launched, you will see the track list in the converter's window. Here you can select the tracks you need and even listen to them in the in-built audio player. This helps not to mix up with the tracks.

convert ape cdaYou can select one or a few tracks in CDA converter and get their WMA copies in a few simple steps. The first is to set the location for the future WMA files, then you need to check the samplerate you need, channels set and the bitrate. All these settings are made in one dialog window, everything is very clear and easy. The optional feature allows to convert some specific fragment of the audio track – a good feature for those who like to experiment with the tracks, combine several melodies into one, etc. You can also convert CDA files with default settings – just skip all adjustments and click on “Start!” button.

Want to transform useless CD disks into WMA albums? Then use Audio Converter – it is the most time-saving utility with in-built CD ripper and support of all audio formats. Buy it online only for $24.90.

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Buy Total Audio Converter NOW!
    FREE DOWNLOAD  Image Tutorial
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   Updated Sat, 19 Dec 2020

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