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  In our trips we often take a lot of awesome photos, and we want to share those images with our friends, bloggers, and whole world. But often we have problems with the file type of our photos - professionalraw formats (for example CRW), which are not very useful for web-posting. Especially if we use slow connection in a hotel or an airport.

So we need to convert CRW to JPEG. The web is overcrowded with special software (good and bad, easy and difficult), but to tell the truth we just need to convert photos. And, also, sometimes we need to carry out few simple editing things. Taking all that things into account we choose easy and effective program - Total Image Converter, maybe the widest used CRW JPEG converter.

free download image converter

What are the advantages if this software? Here we name a few:

  1. Friendly interface – it is really easy in usage, even kids can work with this program
  2. Quick and quality converting with few ready-made presets
  3. A handy resize option to make photos smaller
  4. Crops your crw images as you like
  5. Image converting in batches
  6. Watermarking: you can add your comment, logo or date

How to use this software? This process is quite easy, just download and install this image converter, then choose all crw photos you want to convert and press convert. The most useful thing in this CRW converter – pack converting – a lot of professional programs doesn't support such function and you need to convert all images one by one – it really boring! You'll never have such problems with Total Image Converter. Another good thing – it not just converter – you have all functions you need in one program (editing, sizing, watermarking, etc. You don't need to install additional software.

So, Total Image Converter is a really good choice for any user – you don't have to be a professional designer. Edit, resize and convert your crw images with few clicks – save your time and disk space. This convertor on your lap-top will help you to organize your pictures library and to post your images without any problems. Converting is a simple thing.

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Buy Total Image Converter NOW!
    FREE DOWNLOAD  Image Tutorial
(only $24.90)
   Updated Thu, 27 Jun 2019
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