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bmp to Icon We have developed a new kind of DIB ICO converter, which outperforms other converters. Image 2Ico has a robust and intuitive user interface and it is great for both experienced professionals and novice users. It takes but a few simple actions and a couple of seconds to get your images to look like you think they should look. By aid of Image 2Ico, you can convert DIB to ICO and save your DIB files as icons of different sizes and rotate them in your most preferred fashion. Here are the size options to choose from: 16x16, 24x24, 32x32, 48x48, 64x64, 72x72, 96x96, 128x128; plus a variety of color regimes.

Image2Ico is a lightning-speed icon converter. You are not required to perform any complex actions. Actually, the whole thing boils down to clicking and selecting.

How to Convert DIB to ICO

Run the program and click on the box that meets your color and size preferences. Click File in the top left corner of the interface and select Open in the drop-down menu. Select the folder with DIB images stored in it. Click on the file and press open. The image will appear in the box you have selected. Also, you can use place your image there via the drag-and-drop option. Select your preferred transparency level. Rotate/flip your icon via Tool menu. Press Save as in the File menu and select destination. The icon will be saved in your selected folder.

You can insert/remove images from the boxes or copy a DIB image from one box to others using the drag-and-drop function. To remove DIB, click on the box with the image and select Remove. If you click Insert, the program will open the folder, which you have used during your previous session.

The program supports many other formats, such as JPEG Bitmap (jpg, jpeg, jpe), Compuserve Bitmap (gif), Windows Bitmap (bmp, dib, rle), Windows metafile (wmf), Portable Network Graphics (png), Windows Icon (ico). Also, Image 2Ico has Windows Vista icon support.

Image 2Ico is as great as it is cheap. You can either purchase it right now or download the free trial version and convert DIB to ICO for 30 days.

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Buy Image2Ico NOW!
(only $12.50)
   Updated Wed, 28 Oct 2020

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