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CAD converter dwg to jpeg
convert dwg to jpeg

convert dwg to jpeg

  JPEG is currently the most popular graphic format for internet publishing due to its high compression capabilities and quality-saving facilities. When it comes to publishing DWG files on the Net or any other necessity to use drawings like image compatible with any image viewer or editor, JPEG is an ideal choice. How to convert DWG to JPEG? The answer is simple – Total CAD Converter.

This software tool was specially developed for making CAD files more accessible and suitable for wide use as a visual material. This DWG converter offers more than simple creating JPEG copies, it is capable to make conversion with various settings, starting from the choice of color palette and size and finishing with converting several DWG files into one single image. It was developed in full accordance with the customers' needs. That is why it contains all features that you may need.

Starting to work with Total CAD Converter, you should know that it offers several modes of operation. You can work via program user interface, converting one or a few DWG files in one cycle or perform conversion from the command line mode without need to go through the program interface. When converting several files, all their JPEG copies will be saved in the folder you specify in ‘Destination' inlay.

When converting DWG into JPEG, it is necessary to gain the best size/quality combination that corresponds to the user's needs. Total CAD Converter offers customizable quality and smoothing options offering from 0 to 100% scale. The better quality, the bigger file size is. Besides this you are able to resize and rotate the source drawing as you like. The image proportions are also adjustable. If the source drawing was multi-color, you can save the palette or create black-and-white copy of it.

If you need image copies of your DWG drawings with minimum size and decent quality, JPEG is definitely a right choice. Total CAD Converter is able to make all conversions you need, its full version is already available online.

Interface languages: English, Spanish, German, French, Russian, Japanese.

Windows XP/2003/Vista/7/8/10

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   Updated Thu, 14 Oct 2021

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