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How To Convert DivX To AVI

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DivX codec is a popular technology of video compression able to compress video into small sizes saving high visual quality. DivX movies require players that support DivX, so it is not the universal format. If you would like to share your DivX videos with those who have no DivX codec, you need to convert DivX to AVI – the format supported by the vast majority of devices and players.

If you select free DivX converter, most probably it will perform conversion properly, but as a result you will get the files of huge sizes, that is not convenient to use. This is what differ free video converter from the paid one. So don't waste your time trying to save money, as you can get excellent solution for token payment – Total Movie Converter.

divx avi converterTotal Movie Converter is a tool created for converting files into all possible video formats used nowadays. The program is simple with great clearness of conversion process. To transform DivX into AVI you need to enable AVI converter. This can be done by clicking on “AVI” button on the top bar of the program window after selecting required DivX source file. It is very convenient to navigate through PC folders via navigation explorer located in the left side of window.

Converting DivX into AVI will take you few seconds if you would like to set all the options manually, or just one click if you would like to use settings specified by default. You can experiment by selecting different codecs, quality levels, frame size, bitrate and audio settings. Total Movie Converter guarantees easiness and full clearness of the process, as the program was specially created for all possible categories of users – from children to professionals.

Creating AVI copies of DivX movies you make them available for all comers. If you need high-quality DivX-to-AVI conversion optimized in size and visual performance, Total Movie Converter is ready for download from this page.

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