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How To Convert DivX To MPEG

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DivX video format is supported by comparatively small number of devices, but it doesn't mean that you need to buy additional equipment for watching DivX videos. All you need is video converter that supports converting DivX to MPEG format. MPEG is more widely used and supported kind of video format. It has several versions, so you need DivX converter that has all of them to select one you specifically need. Most of standard video players support MPEG-1 (VCD) or MPEG-2 (DVD) formats, so most probably you would like to get these video versions after converting DivX file. It is fully possible by using Total Video Converter that includes efficient MPEG converter for DivX files.

divx mpeg converterThis program allows converting full DivX video file into one of MPEG versions or splitting videos into parts and converting specific piece of the movie. It is a great tool for those who like to extract favorite movie scenes.

The conversion process is extremely simple. You select required DivX source file, press on “MPEG” button on the top menu bar and in the opened window set all necessary options. Total Movie Converter offers options set by default, but if you like you can change them. Select the MPEG version you need (there are six possible variations of VCD, DVD and SVCD). If needed, the video can be rotated and resized, as well as volume level can be regulated. Besides volume audio settings include samplerate, channels (stereo/mono) and the bitrate.

What differ Total Movie Converter from other analogue solutions is the alternative choice between default and manually set conversion. A great advantage is also that you get converted files in normal size with no extended use of memory space. It is a great combination of powerful features, genius user-friendly interface and fast performance.

Total Movie Converter is always available in trial version, so you can try it before buying the license to ensure in its efficiency. It is a great helper in questions of video converting!

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